World's Leading Producer to Seed Fish

393,5 Seed Fish Annually

Kılıç’s seed fish facility has proved its high quality once more by obtaining ISO 9001 quality management certificate in 2005. With a 393,5 million seed fish production capacity, the production process in this facility is tracked with a special tracking system.

14-22 Months in Open Seas

From the Cool Waters of the Mediterranean to the Tables

All of Kılıç’’s aquaculture facilities are Off Shore. In these facilities, we use the state of art technology feeding systems, underwater and naval surface cameras. In our facilities where experienced engineers, divers and experts work, both the underwater or surface inspections are done with a great sense of care and devotion.

Reaching the serving size in about 14-22 months, the sea bass and sea bream fishes are sent to the packaging facilities that is under Kılıç Holding. The journey of our fish which has starts in the cool waters of the Mediterranean, continues here and ends on your tables after being packaged in proper conditions.

Natural Environment, Natural Production

Growth in Natural Environment

Proper water flow, cold and clear water and the high oxygen levels have great importance on the fishes to raise salubriously and reach you. For this reason, the aquaculture facilities of Kılıç are designed and adjusted by taking these factors into consideration. So, our open sea systems with a 50-60m depth enable the fish to grow in their natural environment salubriously.

They grow in two years and come to your table ın 2 hours!

They have grown with us!

Kılıç carefully implements all the standards in the process starting from the production to the time it reaches the consumer. Thus, you, as our precious customers, consume Kılıç products with your mind at peace. Opeating with the responsibility of the business, delivers its product to the most exclusive hypermarkets in the best conditions. In addition, our regional offices in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Antalya operate with a great sense of devotion to introduce the healthy and delicious fish to every region in Turkey.

Sales Distribution Network

Sales Distribution Network

With a production capacity of 40.000 tons annually, Kılıç exports its products to dozens of countries. Kılıç continues to set a higher goal everyday. Its export network primarily consists of Italy, Russia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain and Germany, but also includes the whole Europe, overseas countries like US and Canada Middle Eastern  countries like UAE, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq, Turkic Republics like Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan and African countries like Egypt and Libya.


Considering the product quality as its biggest priority, Kılıç manufactures according to the following standards and meets their requirements in all processes from breeding to distribution.

• ISO 14001
• ISO 9001
• ISO 22000

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