Quality Systems

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Kılıç Deniz A.Ş aims for 100% traceability in its all products. Our current traceability system makes it possible to track all the levels of process from roes to the packaged fish. Our company has been in production with a constant goal of qualitty assurance.

Evaluation of the Fish

Prior to harvesting, we collect information about the size, density, color and weight of our fish at each location. We harvest our fish in the light of this information. We perform an acceptance inspection and evaluate each fish that comes to our packaging facility according to the quality criteria until it is delivered to the customer. .

Food safety

Each stage of production chain is tracked in order to offer safe products to customers.  All the analyses are performed in our internal laboratories and other accredited external laboratories.


Kılıç Deniz is certified by independent bodies according to various food standards. e.g. BRC, IFS, Global GAP.

Supplier monitoring for optimum quality

Our quality assurance team monitors our suppliers every year. Our suppliers are being monitored concerning the subjects of HAACP, hygiene management, traceability etc.

Keeping on track

Each note, customer comment, corrective action, product specification etc. about Kılıç products are recorded. A basic system has been implemented to access the required information easily.

Quality department

Our quality department has been coordinated in a way that ensures communication with customers about all questions regarding to product quality. Any feedback is evaluated carefully. Also, Kılıç works coordinated in order to ensure the product safety and quality in all stages of production.

Being prepared

Kılıç Deniz A.Ş. has a full traceability from the roes to the customer stage. Each year, product recall tests are being performed.


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