Salmon Bass – Meagre ( Argyrosomus Regius) has a long body covered with scales. Its big back fin is spiny, and the other back fin is soft and shiny.  Its head and body are big.

Its sideline is neat, and the topside of its body is brown, the sides are bright with golden glares and its stomach is silver colored. Its breast and anus fins have obvious white spots. Its mouth is big and yellow inside. Generally, it is a deep-sea fish. It is carnivorous. It has a high economic value due to the taste of its meat and productivity as well as the plenty of hunting it does. It continues to reproduce from the middle of spring till august, depending on the temperature conditions of the sea.

Types Of MEAGRE Products


Fresh-chilled natural Meagre

Caliber: 601/800, 801/1000, 1001/1500, 1500/2500 gr/piece

Packaging: EPS packaging of 6 kg, EPS packaging of 10 kg