Mediterranean Sea bream with Basil and Lemon

Fesleğenli & Limonlu Akdeniz Çipurası

Prepared in serving size bags along with its sauce. It can be consumed from its bag in a hassle-free way without bones.

Instructions for Use: Cooked in oven or by putting the bag inside boiling water.


Nutrition facts: Sea bream is a good source of protein. It is also an Omega3-rich product.


Ingredients 2 marinated sea bream fillets (80%), virgin olive oil, lemon juice (6,4%), garlic, salt, basil (0,2%), onion powder.
Weight 200 gr.
Shelf life Donuk :12 ay
Saklama Koşulları Frozen :12 months
Storage Conditions In refrigerator (+4°C) :1 day
In freezer(-6°C) :1 week
In deep-freezer (-18 °C): until the end of shelf life
Nutritional Facts (for 100g) Energy: 692,21 kJ (165,60 kcal)
Fat: 16,46 g
– Saturated fatty acid: 3,16 g
– polyunsaturated fatty acid: 4,43 g
– monounsaturated fatty acid: 8,87 g
Carbohydrate: 3,06g
Protein: 17,97 g
Salt: 0,81g
Packaging Vacuum bag, Retail Box

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