Environmental Responsibility



As a responsible company that is aware of the environmental and societal concerns, we believe in constant development and give priority to quality. Our environmental policy as a leading company includes these principles;

  • Keeping the factors causing pollution under control and minimizing the environmental pollution and harm we cause by using the most advanced technology available,
  • Taking the accordance to the related laws and regulations as a minimum qualification and constantly trying to improve the concordance level to the legal terms,
  • Sharing the outcomes of our studies regarding the environmental protection with our employees, clients, suppliers and the society and helping them to adopt these as lifelong principles, organizing trainings in order to increase the environmental awareness,
  • Dividing our waste and recycling as much as we can. Prolonging the life of natural resources by reducing their use.
  • Reducing the pollutant waste resulting from our operations at its source and act respectful towards humanity and nature,

It is our mission to fulfill our responsibilities for the humanity of today and the next generations, to act with the awareness of environmental protection and spread this mentality. We guarantee to be the company that practices the environmental protection along with the preventive actions against the unnecessary use of resources.

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