About Us

Started off with the mission of contributing to the raising of healthy generations with enabling Turkish people to eat high quality, fresh and inexpensive fish, Kılıç Deniz has acted with the awareness of social responsibility of at each step it has taken since its incorporation, and has always been among the pioneers in paying city taxes and exports.

Kılıç Deniz is among the few corporations in Europe that is engaged in sea bream and sea bass breeding as well as aquaculture works for salt-water. Kılıç Deniz continues its trout breeding activities, which it had started in 2010 at Kahramanmaraş aquaculture facilities. Kılıç Deniz’s trout breeding capacity has reached 6,725 tons in 2012.

100 % of the sea bass and sea bream grower facilities are open sea-off shore systems and are units of latest technology equipped with automatic feeder systems and underwater and surface cameras. Experienced engineers, divers and professional personnel are employed at these systems and both underwater and surface controls are conducted with great attention and devotion.

In regard to different types: production of porgy, common sea bream and red sea bream has also started and these have been launched to the market. Test productions of striped sea bream, sharp snout bream and corb fish are still ongoing.

Fish feed, which is the most important factor in the growth of our fish, are produced at Kılıç Deniz Feed Factory, which is organized within the body of Kılıç Deniz and is one of the largest feed factories extruder technology in Turkey with 120,000 tons of annual capacity and bear the Aqua K brand.

The EPS packaging factory operating under Kılıç Deniz that satisfies the packing and packaging needs by its processing facility that wholly complies with EU norms, is annually inspected by the EU on a regular basis, as a prerequisite of exportation to EU countries and the certification document, is then published in EU Official Gazette.

At cage plants, all processes starting from the arrival of the fish to the hatcheries until they are sent to packaging facilities are recorded and fish can be monitored in all of the systems.

Our products are offered to our people in the domestic market and also exported to a large number of countries, primarily in Europe.

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